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Home Classic

[ish_image image=”2469″ size=”full” tooltip_color=”color1″][ish_headline tag_size=”h1″ color=”color1″ icon_align=”left” tag=”h” tooltip_color=”color1″]I’M BOLDIAL[/ish_headline][ish_headline tag_size=”h3″ color=”color2″ icon_align=”left” tag=”h” tooltip_color=”color1″]RESPONSIVE WORDPRESS THEME FOR BOLD CREATORS[/ish_headline]
[ish_svg_icon icon=”path_plugin/beautiful-flat-icons/application.svg” type=”hexagon_rounded” color=”color5″ size=”150″ tooltip_color=”color1″ bg_glow=”yes” url=”|title:Main%20Features|”][ish_headline tag_size=”h3″ icon_align=”left” tag=”h” tooltip_color=”color1″]DRAG & DROP PAGE BUILDER[/ish_headline]

Create your web content within minutes with beautiful drag & drop page builder and set of handy shortcodes.

[ish_svg_icon icon=”path_plugin/beautiful-flat-icons/basket.svg” type=”hexagon_rounded” bg_glow=”yes” color=”color10″ size=”150″ tooltip_color=”color1″ url=”|title:Main%20Features|”][ish_headline tag_size=”h3″ icon_align=”left” tag=”h” tooltip_color=”color1″]WOOCOMMERCE READY[/ish_headline]

Want to have an e-shop? Use awesome WooCommerce plugin to turn Boldial into e-commerce platform.

[ish_svg_icon icon=”path_plugin/beautiful-flat-icons/globe2.svg” type=”hexagon_rounded” color=”color6″ size=”150″ tooltip_color=”color1″ bg_glow=”yes” url=”|title:Main%20Features|”][ish_headline tag_size=”h3″ icon_align=”left” tag=”h” tooltip_color=”color1″]MULTILINGUAL (WPML)[/ish_headline]

Make your web multilingual with WPML plugin and address even bigger audience with your business.

[ish_divider tooltip_color=”color1″]
[ish_svg_icon icon=”path_plugin/beautiful-flat-icons/suitcase2.svg” type=”hexagon_rounded” bg_glow=”yes” color=”color9″ size=”150″ tooltip_color=”color1″ url=”|title:Main%20Features|”][ish_headline tag_size=”h3″ icon_align=”left” tag=”h” tooltip_color=”color1″]BEAUTIFUL 3D CUBE & FLIP PORTFOLIOS[/ish_headline]

Multiple portfolios possibilities with stunning 3D Cube, 3D Flip and Zoom effects.
See it in action.

[ish_svg_icon icon=”path_plugin/beautiful-flat-icons/thing2.svg” type=”hexagon_rounded” bg_glow=”yes” color=”color8″ size=”150″ tooltip_color=”color1″ url=”|title:Main%20Features|”][ish_headline tag_size=”h3″ icon_align=”left” tag=”h” tooltip_color=”color1″]ONE-CLICK DEMO DATA IMPORT[/ish_headline]

The end of complicated demo data import and setting up theme. One-click demo data import solve this forever.

[ish_svg_icon icon=”path_plugin/beautiful-flat-icons/tools.svg” type=”hexagon_rounded” bg_glow=”yes” color=”color11″ size=”150″ tooltip_color=”color1″ url=”|title:Main%20Features|”][ish_headline tag_size=”h3″ icon_align=”left” tag=”h” tooltip_color=”color1″]ADVANCED THEME & STYLING OPTIONS[/ish_headline]

Advanced but keep-it-simple theme and styling options give you possibilities to customize each detail of your web.

[ish_divider tooltip_color=”color1″][ish_separator color=”color13″ type=”thin-bold” tooltip_color=”color1″ align=”center”][ish_divider tooltip_color=”color1″][ish_button el_text=”ALL MAIN FEATURES” size=”medium” color=”color11″ text_color=”color4″ icon=”icon-forward” icon_align=”right” tooltip_color=”color1″ url=”|title:Main%20Features|”]
[ish_portfolio animation=”3dcube” direction=”bottom” filter=”organize” columns=”5″ masonry=”yes” show_categories=”yes” tooltip_color=”color1″ per_page=”7″ exclude_category=”photography” filter_title=”3D Portfolio”]
[ish_headline tag_size=”h2″ icon_align=”left” tag=”h” tooltip_color=”color1″ color=”color4″]DO YOU LIKE BOLDIAL?[/ish_headline][ish_headline tag_size=”h3″ color=”color2″ icon_align=”left” tag=”h” tooltip_color=”color1″]GET IT NOW AND START CREATING YOUR OWN AWESOME WEB[/ish_headline][ish_button el_text=”Get it right now” size=”medium” color=”color5″ text_color=”color4″ icon=”icon-forward” icon_align=”right” tooltip_color=”color1″ url=”|title:Buy%20Now|target:%20_blank” tooltip_text_color=”color3″]
[ish_headline tag_size=”h3″ color=”color2″ icon_align=”left” tag=”h” tooltip_color=”color1″]WHAT YOU’VE SAID ABOUT OUR THEMES AND SUPPORT[/ish_headline][ish_slidable animation=”slide” nav_align=”center” nav_color=”color2″ prevnext_color=”color5″ interval=”4″ tooltip_color=”color1″ prevnext=”no”][ish_slide title=”Slide Title”]
[ish_quote author=”Gerhardus” align=”center” tooltip_color=”color1″ color=”color1″]In all the world you have just received my all time favourite Developer award! You are quick to support irregardless of how busy you are, you never consider anything trivial and as always you disregard the level of experience of the user and give solutions that anyone will be able to follow! I am guaranteed to be buying your future templates![/ish_quote]
[/ish_slide][ish_slide title=”Slide Title”]
[ish_quote author=”Iacopo” align=”center” tooltip_color=”color1″ color=”color1″]Now I must say I’m really impressed at your customer support. I told you before but I just can’t help myself from telling you again. Amazing. I never had such a great experience with a vendor. Ever.[/ish_quote]
[/ish_slide][ish_slide title=”Slide Title”]
[ish_quote author=”Gareth” align=”center” tooltip_color=”color1″ color=”color1″]I know how hard you guys are working and your support appears to be second to none. You guys are doing a great job.[/ish_quote]
[/ish_slide][ish_slide title=”Slide Title”]
[ish_quote author=”Geriksen” align=”center” tooltip_color=”color1″ color=”color1″]Just need to say that you REALLY provide 5 star support!!! I’m loving your Theme more and more as I get to know it… and standard WP stuff since this is all new to me! Have looked and tested hundreds of Themes since I wanted an easy and fully adjustable one. Yours do all this and much more! OUTSTANDING![/ish_quote]